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Crypto Market Today

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Saturday, May 26, 2018
Dragon Coins (DRG)Dragon Coins Community AMA
Matrix AI Network (MAN)Matrix AI Network Ho Chi Minh City Meetup, Vietnam
PolicyPal Network (PAL)Hackathon
Rivetz (RVT)Rivetz Community AMA
Sunday, May 27, 2018
Mooncoin (MOON)Hard FORK
Rentberry (BERRY)Rentberry Community AMA
Monday, May 28, 2018
Cardano (ADA)KEVM Testnet
Global Cryptocurrency (GCC)Listing on Novaexchange
Oceanlab (OCL)Oceanlab Community AMA
THEKEY (TKY)Testnet Launch
Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Genaro Network (GNX)AMA in Zilliqa Telegram
iExec RLC (RLC)iExec v.2 Release
Oyster (PRL)Mainnet Release
Playkey (PKT)Playkey Buyback
Sether (SETH)Sether Community AMA
Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Animecoin (ANI)Hard FORK
Bastonet (BSN)Token Swap
CryptoForecast (CFT)Web App
Electroneum (ETN)Hard FORK
Elixir (ELIX)Elixir Community AMA
Helbiz (HBZ)Listing on a New Exchange
IoT Chain (ITC)ITC Main Chain Wallet Test Accomplishes
NaPoleonX (NPX)Listing on IDAX
Primas (PST)Mainnet Launch
QunQun (QUN)App Beta Launch
Skrumble Network (SKM)Listing on FatBTC
SONM (SNM)Crypto-IaaS on Testnet
TRON (TRX)Listing on IDAX
Zlancer (ZCG)Token Swap
Thursday, May 31, 2018
Aion (AION)Aion Kiev Meetup, Ukraine
Ardor (ARDR)Ardor Berlin Meetup, Germany
Banca (BANCA)Coin AI Release
Centrality (CENNZ)Snapshot
Enigma (ENG)Enigma San Francisco Meetup, USA
Fitrova (FRV)Listing on Coinsuper
Fitrova (FRV)Listing on EtherDelta
Fusion (FSN)Testnet
INS Ecosystem (INS)AirDrop
Mysterium (MYST)Roadmap
Pundi X (NPXS)Snapshot
Request Network (REQ)Bitcoin Support on Mainnet
Rise (RISE)AirDrop
Shift (SHIFT)Sidechain Explorer
SingularDTV (SNGLS)Snapshot
Stellite (XTL)StellitePay Closed Beta
StrongHands (SHND)Swap
StrongHands (SHND)Masternode Release
SunContract (SNC)SunContract Community AMA
Super Bitcoin (SBTC)Incorporate Zero-Knowledge Proofs
SwissBorg (CHSB)SwissBorg Community AMA
TRON (TRX)Mainnet Launch
Friday, June 1, 2018
Achain (ACT)Light PC Wallet
Achain (ACT)New Website
Achain (ACT)Whitepaper
AidCoin (AID)AidPay Launch
Aphelion (APH)Mobile Wallet
Aurora DAO (AURA)AirDrop on IDEX
Authorship (ATS)Official Project Launch
aXpire (AXP)MatchBX Beta Release
B3Coin (KB3)B3 Core Updates
B3Coin (KB3)Decentralized Exchange
B3Coin (KB3)Segwit
B3Coin (KB3)Upgraded Wallet
BitBoost (BBT)Decentralised Marketplace Launch
BitClave (CAT)BASE Ecosystem Release
Bitcoin (BTC)NASDAQ-Powered Crypto Exchange DX
Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)BCD As The Basic Currency on KAiREX
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)Payment Systems Integrations
BitConnect (BCC)BitStore
Bluzelle (BLZ)Lovelace Release
Bodhi (BOT)BOE AirDrop to BOT Holders
BOScoin (BOS)Testnet Launch
Burst (BURST)Hard FORK
Callisto Network (CLO)Listing on OOOBTC
Cappasity (CAPP)New Website
CFun (CFUN)Product Launch
Credits (CS)Mainnet Launch
Crypterium (CRPT)Mobile App Release
Dash (DASH)Delisted from Coincheck
Dash (DASH)Mainnet Release
Datum (DAT)Datum Platform Launch
Dent (DENT)DENT Exchange WebApp
Dether (DTH)Personal App
DigiByte (DGB)Hard FORK
Dix Asset (DIX)AirDrop
Dix Asset (DIX)Wallet for Windows & Mac OS
DomRaider (DRT)Archos "Safe-T Mini" Device
Dragonchain (DRGN)Commercialized Dashboard & Marketplace
Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR)Mobile App Beta
EBCH (EBCH)Coinpulse Exchange
Electra (ECA)Mobile Wallet Release
Elixir (ELIX)Elix Mobile App Alpha
Elixir (ELIX)Elix Mobile App Public Release
Enigma (ENG)Testnet Launch
Enjin Coin (ENJ)Unity SDK Release
EOS (EOS)EOSIO 1.0 Public Release
EOS (EOS)Global Hackathon
Espers (ESP)Mailing System
Espers (ESP)Side-Chains
Espers (ESP)X-Nodes
Ethereum Classic (ETC)Emerald Mobile Wallet
Ethereum Classic (ETC)PoC of New StateDB Layer
Etherparty (FUEL)Mobile App Release
Flash (FLASH)Listing on POTEX
Flash Token (FTOKEN)Dividend Payment
FunFair (FUN)License in Great Britain, Malta and Gibraltar
Galactrum (ORE)Mobile Wallet for Android
Genaro Network (GNX)Partnership with Zilliqa
HempCoin (THC)Whitepaper
HempCoin (THC)Governance System
HempCoin (THC)Hard FORK
HempCoin (THC)Listing on New Exchanges
HEROcoin (PLAY)Closed Platform Beta
Hive Project (HVN)Hive Platform Launch
HOQU (HQX)Disciplina AirDrop to HQX Holders
InPay (INPAY)Web Wallet Release
INS Ecosystem (INS)INS AirDrop
INS Ecosystem (INS)INS Platform Launch
Interplanetary Broadcast Coin (IPBC)iOS & Android App
Interstellar Holdings (HOLD)Exchange Launch
IOStoken (IOST)Public Testnet Launch
IOTA (MIOTA)Autonomous Vehicle OEM Partnership
Iungo (ING)Platform Alpha
LBRY Credits (LBC)Android App Alpha Release
LBRY Credits (LBC)Fiat and Coinbase LBC Payment Gateway In-App
Linda (LINDA)More Exchange Listing
Litecoin Cash (LCC)Listing on HitBTC
LockTrip (LOC)AirDrop
Loom Network (LOOM)SDK Beta Release
Loopring (LRC)Open source ring-mining software
LUXCoin (LUX)Smart Contract
Matchpool (GUP)Matchmaking Japan
Matchpool (GUP)Surprise Partnership
MediBloc (MED)MEDX AirDrop to MED Holders
MinexCoin (MNX)Web & Mobile Wallet
MinexCoin (MNX)Decentralized Minex Exchange
Monero (XMR)Delisted from Coincheck
MyBit Token (MYB)Built in Decentralised Asset Exchange
MyBit Token (MYB)Premium Features for Token Holders
NoLimitCoin (NLC2)No Rake Poker Platform Release
Ontology (ONT)AirDrop
Ontology (ONT)Mainnet Release
Ontology (ONT)WASM Support
Pandacoin (PND)Bounty Program
Pandacoin (PND)New Website
Paragon (PRG)Mobile App and Wallet Release
Particl (PART)Particl Community AMA
PHI Token (PHI)Platform Beta Release
Phore (PHR)Segwit Launch
Pioneer Coin (PCOIN)PCoin iOS Wallet
PolicyPal Network (PAL)Partnership With WeWork Asia
ProCurrency (PROC)Listing on HitBTC
Pundi X (NPXS)Expanding To Markets
Pundi X (NPXS)Listing on Tokenomy
Pure (PURE)New Platform
Pure (PURE) Launch
Pure (PURE)Atomic Swaps
Rise (RISE)Listing on Godex
Rupee (RUP)New Website
Rupee (RUP)Whitepaper
SagaCoin (SAGA)Mobile & Web Wallets Release
Shift (SHIFT)Cross-Chain Automation
Solaris (XLR)Wallet Update
Solaris (XLR)Crypto Payments Integration
Spectrecoin (XSPEC)Wallet v2.0
SpeedCash (SCS)Own Payment Gate
StakeNet (XSN)Masternode
StakeNet (XSN)API Integrations
StakeNet (XSN)Light Wallet
StarCash Network (STARS)Mobile Game
Stratis (STRAT)Breeze Privacy Protocol
Sugar Exchange (SGR)SugarBot Update
Syscoin (SYS)CPS AirDrop to SYS Holders
Tezos (Pre-Launch) (XTZ)Testnet Launch
The Cypherfunks (FUNK)Coin Swap
Tokenomy (TEN)Tokenomy Exchange Launch
TRON (TRX)Mainnet Launch
United Traders Token (UTT)Cryptocurrency Dark Pool Launch
VeChain (VEN)Mainnet Launch
Vsync (VSX)Listing on New Exchanges
WaBi (WABI)Masternode
WaBi (WABI)Walimai Masternodes Launch
Wagerr (WGR)Challenge Rematch
Wagerr (WGR)eSports
Zcash (ZEC)Delisted from Coincheck
Zcash (ZEC)Network Upgrade 0
Zero (ZER)Listing on QIEX
Zilliqa (ZIL)Public Mainnet Launch
Sunday, June 3, 2018
IOTA (MIOTA)Qubic Release
Monday, June 4, 2018
Aerium (AERM)Coin Swap
Everex (EVX)Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
FORCE (FOR)New Website
FORCE (FOR)Roadmap
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Flash Token (FTOKEN)Dividends Report
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