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Crypto Market Today

0x (ZRX) Price Today

2.1% -0.00472
Volume: $18,905,965
3d 5d 10d 1m 3m 6m 12m YTD Max
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12:21 AM
RT @abandeali1: Really proud of this one! 0x API packages a LOT of power and complexity together to create the simplest way for developers
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11:36 PM
RT @BrentOshiro: By our liquidity combined... we are 0x API! @0xProject @KyberNetwork @UniswapExchange @MakerDAO #DeFi #Decentraliz
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10:02 PM
RT @DeFiSaver: We are very glad to share that we will soon be expanding the list of liquidity sources available to
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9:59 PM
RT @willwarren89: Excited to share 0x API with our friends in the Ethereum community! 0x API is a professional grade liquidity endpoint tha
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9:43 PM
RT @hardhathen: Congrats to the 0x team on this launch! I'm excited to try it out and can't wait to see what it does to help improve DEX l
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9:42 PM
RT @AlchemyPlatform: Congratulations to @0xProject for the launch of their new 0x API helping developers "tap into both off-chain and on-ch
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8:15 PM
RT @econoar: DeFi liquidity gets another boost as @0xProject releases their 0x API. Love all these efforts around liquidity aggregation. A
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7:50 PM
RT @thebitsian: Great to partner with @0xProject and team for an important utility in DeFi - DEX aggregation https:
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7:43 PM
RT @crabbylions: I wasnt kidding. The struggle (until today ) was real. Launch and scale your DeFi product with @0xProject API! More d
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7:42 PM
RT @aqxu: Live footage of @0xProject adding additional liquidity bridges to 0x API, improving DEX liquidity for everyone in DeFi! https://t
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