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3:43 PM
The Ledger Nano S firmware 1.5.5 update does not support Aion for now, and we are working with the Ledger team to r
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2:03 PM
Did you know that the Aion Network is one of the few projects that's part of Messari's Open Source Disclosure Regis
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2:03 PM
You can connect to the Aion Network in minutes with this helpful guide from our friends at Nodesmith
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2:03 PM
Want to launch a token on the Aion Network? Check out this guide.
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5:03 PM
"WASM isnt a bad choice for the blockchain, by any means, but it also isnt an obviously good choice." - Jeff Dish
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5:03 PM
"We have the opportunity to rebuild, and with this opportunity comes the responsibility not to recreate the same br
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2:03 PM
"Along with industry-leading technology, projects led with positive intent, operational integrity, community accoun
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2:03 PM
Check out this video where Karim Zeine (Business Operations) & Jeff Disher (Engineering Team) discuss the Aion AVM
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4:09 AM
RT @MattSpoke: @SDLerner @Aion_Network @RSKsmart No licensing issues. No core changes to JVM, but rather a layer on top for AVM operations.
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9:38 PM
RT @bicameralcrypto: Just watched it happen IRL. Played Clash Royale on @ClanPlayApp in a tournament. Earned @Aion_Network mainnet coins an
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