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9:27 AM
Corporations all over the world have shown great interest in blockchain technology, and are exploring
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2017 When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it
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History proves to us that there is a past, and today has shown us there is a present. If the experiences of yesterd
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RT @lioryaffe: @binance_2017 good move on asking for fee payment for bid/ask orders and order cancellation. This en
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The first man to walk on the moon is Neil Armstrong. The second man to do the same is ... Alternatives are always s
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Just another way to describe the #Blockchainfuture @Jelurida is determined to change the world, presenting the
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We once brought to the table what others thought was impossible #ProofofStake Once again with
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We agree the Blockchain is completely transforming old business models and pumping new life into companies. #Ardor
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Want to learn how to Develop on Ardor? Want to try out something different and have an Unsurpassed achievement?
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Youve probably heard of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake this article explains what they both mean and what
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