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Augur (REP) Price Today

4.1% -0.85510
Volume: $18,478,866
3d 5d 10d 1m 3m 6m 12m YTD Max
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12:27 AM
RT @liamihorne: Decentralized insurance against contract breaches on your funds held via Compound, dYdX, Dharma, etc. Another cool hack bui
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7:09 PM
RT @nemild: Had a frenetic and fun time hacking at @ETHGlobal #ETHNewYork with @danielque @DrewMAu and Veronica Zheng. Just launched defisu
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7:37 PM
Augur App Release v1.13.0 Today's release is the first in preparation for Augurs upcoming v2 launch.
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7:37 PM
The release includes significant messaging to describe our v2 launch process, the cut-off date after which markets
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7:37 PM
Any traders who have positions or open orders on markets expiring after September 15th are advised to read our po
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7:37 PM
The release also includes a new default filter on the markets page that hides markets which have large spreads on t
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7:37 PM
Announcing the Augur v1 Cutoff: What It Means for Traders, Market Creators & Reporters #Augur #Ethereum
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4:02 AM
Augur Weekly Report - May 15th Development Update Augur Metrics The State of Prediction Markets and Crypto
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6:54 PM
RT @joeykrug: Context: Veil forked Augur and released an AugurLite today with all of the main benefits of Augur removed (it enables stuff G
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6:52 PM
RT @joeykrug: Companies building on @AugurProject are making the same mistakes they made when building on 0x. Short term greed as opposed t
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