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Crypto Market Today

Bancor (BNT) Price Today

3.6% -0.11069
Volume: $18,875,260

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5:15 PM
Check out this interview by @hodlnewsio with @galiabenartzi on life at Bancor since the Token Launch and a glimpse
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1:48 PM
If a token isnt exchangeable for any other token, it becomes less valuable over time. The Bancor Protocol upgrades
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10:55 AM
The 1st #blockchain killer app is the ability for a new project to create an ecosystem of engaged supporters beyond
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8:03 AM
#tbt to @Womenseday #NYC back in November 2017. "Women need to leapfrog from 'Making Money' to 'Remaking the Money'
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4:49 PM
Congrats to Bancor Network partner @WePowerN on being chosen out of thousands of global applications to the prestig
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7:50 AM
The Bancor HackMe #Security Bounty ends soon! We're challenging you to hack a Bancor account in our demo environmen
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5:11 PM
What will banks of the future look like? Check out this thought-provoking piece on how #blockchain technology will
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3:59 PM
Just as countries shouldn't depend on other countries for monetary stability, the growing number of
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12:11 PM
We love this interview about how technology forces us to question our assumptions, by @IvanOnTech with @aantonop, a
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8:07 AM
Check out our latest progress #update which rounded out 2017 before we launch into the new year with tons in store:
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