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Crypto Market Today

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Price Today

1.1% +0.27939
Volume: $28,383,691
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5:46 PM
EXODUS is an all-in-one app to help you Secure and Manage your #blockchain assets, including $BTG. Non-custodial;
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4:05 PM
A Quick Quiz! 1. How many Pizzas can you buy with 1 BTG today? 2. How many Pizzas will you buy with 1BTG in 2020?
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8:57 AM
#BitcoinGold is an open-source, community-driven project. We share a codebase and #blockchain history with #Bitcoin
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8:20 AM
5 reasons to start mining $BTG! 1. Everyone can mine it with a Graphic card 2. No need to buy expensive equipment
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3:31 PM
Find merchants, marketplaces, shops & services accepting BTG worldwide. Cryptwerk ->
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10:02 AM
Bitcoin Gold making progress! $BTG Lightning Network, LN wallets, Plasma, Neutrino, btcd/btcsuite, Schnorr Signatur
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10:32 AM
$BTG for business - Start accepting #BitcoinGold as a payment option using PAYTOMAT, a payment processor ideal for
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2:13 PM
More options to mine $BTG! MINERGATE offers a 1% fee and pays out based on PPLNS. Try out the profitability calcula
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9:35 AM
The Full Node BTG CORE Wallet fully validates transactions and blocks, helping to support the network. Any question
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1:46 PM
Atomic, an advance non-custodian wallet available for $BTG users. Desktop: Win, #MacOS, Ubuntu, #Debian, #Fedora
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