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Bitcoin Plus (XBC) Price Today

1.5% -0.09298
Volume: $616
3d 5d 10d 1m 3m 6m 12m YTD Max
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2:33 PM
BitcoinPlus added to ElectrumX with two nodes synced and set up, and
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7:44 AM
Great news everyone. Segregated Witness and CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY forks now locked_in, they have reached the required
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11:03 AM
Post Poloniex recovery continues with tech development progressing rapidly for BitcoinPlus. SegWit and CSV signalli
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8:14 AM
To continue staking, make sure that you are on 2.7 BitcoinPlus client, after soft fork activation, blocks from 2.6
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1:09 PM
Follow the next soft forks, SegWit (Segregated Witness) and CSV (CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY). Currently 43% and well on th
4 1
7:06 PM
BitcoinPlus has been added to BarterDEX as our first DEX. It currently requires a local client to use, are in the p
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8:40 PM
@Cryptopia_NZ @cointopay @CoinexPW @FatBTC @TradeSatoshi @CoinomiWallet @CoinomiSupport Please Update to BitcoinPl
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10:18 AM
BitcoinPlus 76% of the network has moved to the 2.7 release. The CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY soft fork is now active on our
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8:14 AM
CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY soft fork status at 18.7%, to activate we need to get to 75% before we can get a DEX (Decentral
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4:30 PM
There's several soft forks happening on BitcoinPlus, the first one will allow atomic swaps and participation on Dec
7 3
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