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Crypto Market Today

BlackCoin (BLK) Price Today

6.2% -0.00413
Volume: $940,093

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7:34 AM
We still have every intention and ambition of furthering and improving the Proof of Stake protocol, something that
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7:31 AM
We ask exchanges and users to use the Blackcoin-Lore client which has immense improvements over the previous rat4 l
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6:57 PM
RT @JoshuaJBouw: All old school PoW coins on Bittrex require 100 - 700 confirmations. All old school PoS require about 6 - 10. Its almost a
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6:56 PM
RT @JoshuaJBouw: In 2017, most buys that were made anywhere between 2015 - 2016 end was a good opportunity.
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8:05 PM
Team and community pow-wow happening this week on Gitter. New faces, new places, and new goals.#blackcoin
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7:53 PM
News consolidation as well as information on new projects as well as developments will happen this week. There is a
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7:39 PM
3/ Blackcoin also has nothing to do with Pratconi. Any exchange is free to list Blackcoin onto their exchange, we c
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7:29 PM
2/ There are no affiliates, no MLMs or anything that has to do with Blackcoin. The source code for our software is
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7:27 PM
1/ Blackcoin Trends and Andrew Frost has nothing to do with and #Blackcoin the open source
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11:30 AM
RT @ObsidianCVT: Payblk app PSA: Google has mistakenly banned Payblk app for Android (and a number of other crypto-related apps) from the P
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