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9.4% +0.21075
Volume: $1,507,709
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6:19 PM
The Official CloakCoin Promotional Video is now available in Portuguese! >>>
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5:34 PM
RT @w3dlock: @KuCoinUpdates Would love if you guys added @CloakCoin to the listed projects. Untraceable proof of stake cryptocurrency launc
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12:25 AM
RT @Cloak_Booian: Binance & UPbit expanded to Singapore. The 1st & 8th biggest crypto exchanges by daily volume And @CloakCoin is l
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8:36 PM
We're happy to announce the second episode of Around The Cloak, your monthly video update on progress and developme
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1:16 PM
RT @cloakcoin_promo: Privacy today is perhaps more important than ever. The thundering pace of technological advancement has rapidly broade
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9:54 AM
RT @cloakcoin_promo: Enigma of @CloakCoin is a unique, advanced, private & secure transaction system allowing Cloak Coins to be sent anonym
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7:31 PM
RT @cloakcoin_promo: Wardona BV is an Excel service provider for SMEs and accepts @CloakCoin payments! @WardonaBV clientele includes @achme
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2:07 PM
RT @IgorsLat: Who wants that t-shirt? Im gonna visit #b2018 and will have one more for free! ;) @PoSAllianceOrg @CloakCoin @BitBayofficial
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11:49 PM
RT @Cloak_Booian: Battle of Privacycoins? You really think Monero & Dash are your only options? @CloakCoin enables you true pr
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3:42 PM
RT @cloakcoin_promo: CloakCoin Global Spokesperson Joshua Marriage Privacy Expert Panel Discussion | @BlockConscious 2018 >>> https://t
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