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5:06 PM
.@Lumi_wallet users can now keep, send, or exchange #MKR! The Lumi team has integrated MKR into their wallet, givin
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4:20 PM
RT @ethBounties: As we gear up to all the bountiful Prague times, we are delighted to join @alice_si_, @Givethio, @MakerDAO, @ethereumecf,
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7:11 PM
RT @EthexMarket: This week in #usefultokens updates from $0xBTC @myetheremon @bounty0x $BNB @MakerDAO @brave @Oys
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4:37 PM
RT @DigixGlobal: We make micro-investments into gold possible for you, wherever you may be. Head to our marketplace today.
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10:46 PM
RT @3solarmasses: @RyanSAdams I suspect Maker is the most undervalued project. Anything that can be tokenized will be tokenized. @MakerDAO
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5:13 PM
RT @5chdn: This is super exciting. @poanetwork launched $xDAI in cooperation with @MakerDAO - the first native stablecoin blockchain. $xDAI
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3:49 PM
RT @richatmakerdao: In T-15 minutes (9AM PST) we will be having the next in a series of governance specific web calls. We're talking about
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3:36 PM
Say hello to the first ever USD-stable blockchain, xDai Chain from our partners @poanetwork! Using #Dai as the nati
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10:52 PM
Check out the new podcast from @Shaughnessy119, discussing governance, Multi-Collateral Dai and more with @RuneKek!
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6:57 PM
RT @DharmaProtocol: Join us at #DeFi Summit - Prague! We will be leading a session around all things decentralized lending. Attendance is
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