Crypto Market Today
Crypto Market Today

Dash (DASH) Price Today

0.8% +1.29118
Volume: $264,888,500

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6:33 PM
RT @StayDashy: #DASH is incredibly scarce with 45.8% of 10.2 Million circulating supply being staked. It doesn't take much to move the mark
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3:41 PM
Thank you for all the hard work you do on our behalf @BlockchainAssn!
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3:16 PM
RT @CryptoManagers: Valkyrie Investments Launch The Valkyrie Dash Trust Institutional Investors now have access to @Dashpay via @Valkyrie
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2:20 PM
Valkyrie Digital Assets @ValkyrieFunds has announced the launch of the Valkyrie Dash Trust. More details:
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1:55 PM
Good morning! Here is your good news for the day. #DASH #trust #staking #Crypto Thank you @ValkyrieFunds for such
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2:23 PM
Are you new to $DASH and can't wait to use the #dashdirect app ? Here is an instruction guide just for you with in
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3:17 PM
Fantastic panel interview - a must watch! Thank you @CoinDesk and @naomibrockwell. Very healthy debate - but, Naomi
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3:57 AM
RT @StayDashy: Tech journalist @naomibrockwell and host of @CoinDesk's "The Hash" reports on the launch of the #DashDirect retail app,
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12:08 AM
Don't miss out on a great opportunity to get to know the DashDirect app. Our promotion starts today and runs throug
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11:38 PM
RT @c4chaos: we were having breakfast @IHOP. serendipitously, i just downloaded #DashDirect & i was browsing through the list of merchants.
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