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Crypto Market Today

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8.3% +0.03330
Volume: $30,685
3d 5d 10d 1m 3m 6m 12m YTD Max
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2:45 PM
In case you missed this last week #Augmentors Co-founder & Creative director @MichaelDeon23, Co-founder & Product M
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12:48 PM
#Augmentors Set For Official Bow At Comic Con Africa! @ComicConAfrica #ComicConAfrica #ARGaming #AR
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12:46 PM
#Augmentors Set For Official Bow At Comic Con Africa! @ComicConAfrica #ComicConAfrica
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11:45 AM
In this #FridayUpdate Rhule returns to Bello Realm and confronts his own sister, Solar. Find out what happens now!
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3:24 PM
Another new creature has been unveiled in our #CreatureHangman channel on Discord. If you want to have an exclusive
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11:25 AM
#Augmentors will be at Comic Con Africa, 14-16 September 2018! Grab your tickets and come say hi! #ARGaming
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3:25 PM
Sha exudes both beauty and grace, but strikes when her enemies least expect it. Is she going to be your battle comp
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1:15 PM
#Augmentors Alpha is ONLY 14 days away! Have you signed up yet? If not sign up now to be part of something bigger!
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9:15 AM
Another game of Hangman is starting now. Come and guess the name of the newest creature on our dedicated channel
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4:10 PM
#Augmentors will be launching the game for the first time 14 September 2018 at Comic Con Africa, are you ready hero
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Events for DTB

8/1/2018Open Alpha Testing of "Token Holder" Game

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