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Crypto Market Today

Decred (DCR) Price Today

5.9% -2.01320
Volume: $4,124,912

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7:03 PM
RT @DecredSociety: Six Years of Decred - Part 1 Taking a look back, over the course of six years worth of development. #Decred is a trul
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7:29 PM
- Revert Treasury Expenditure Policy Agenda ID: #reverttreasurypolicy Change maximum tre
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7:25 PM
- Explicit Version Upgrades Agenda ID: #explicitverupgrades Enable explicit version upgr
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7:24 PM
- Automatic Ticket Revocations Agenda ID: #autorevocations Enable automatic ticket revoc
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7:20 PM
- Change PoW/PoS Subsidy Split Agenda ID: #changesubsidysplit Change block reward subsid
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7:18 PM
Tallying begins at block 641,152. If quorum is met the agendas that pass will lock in at block 649,216, and the new
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7:17 PM
In about a day the four consensus agendas included in Decred v1.7 will begin voting on-chain. Stakeholders are advi
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1:57 AM
RT @elianhuesca: Hablando sobre #Decred en @TheDAOist_latam: #DCRDAO es la ms avanzada #DAO del planeta, su sistema de gobernanza, la teso
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6:30 PM
RT @DecredSociety: Two #Decred proposals currently up for vote, One of which is our very own video content proposal. very exciting watching
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9:02 PM
You can do this in Decrediton under the "governance" tab if you're using a GUI wallet, or using the dcrctl --wallet
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