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Crypto Market Today

Decred (DCR) Price Today

1.7% -0.43614
Volume: $1,675,963
3d 5d 10d 1m 3m 6m 12m YTD Max
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6:41 AM
RT @zen_bacon: Wanna understand the @decredproject in 20 minutes? This is probably your best shot. @behindtext distilling it all down @OKCo
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3:24 AM
RT @marco_peereboom: Major @decredproject Politeia performance boost went live today. It was getting a little slow on the main page so I am
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5:34 PM
RT @DecredArabia: The @decredproject is one of the exhibitors at the #IEEE Morocco Blockchain Summit: We are lookin
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6:43 AM
RT @devinawalsh: Across decentralized networks, frictions have begun to arise within communities re: funding developers in a fair & rationa
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9:37 PM
RT @LarissaBundziak: The burden is on you as a contractor to prove your value. If only more entities operated like @decredproject https
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6:03 AM
RT @RichardRed0x: Politeia proposal voting charts have been added to dcrdata alpha. Now you can watch the votes come in for a proposal on a
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4:58 AM
RT @liz_bagot: Another SF @decredproject meetup, this time at @CoinbaseCustody. @lukebp_ visited us all the way from overseas to talk about
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4:04 AM
RT @Decred_ES: See you next week @talent_net Mexico's biggest #technology party! Know more about @decredproject on Wednesday 24th at 13:00h
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6:16 PM
RT @RichardRed0x: New Politeia Digest issue is ready, covering the first half of April on Decred's Politeia. 3 new proposals submitted (inc
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11:52 PM
RT @coinzark: CoinZark is pleased to add @decredproject to its ever growing list of supported currencies! You can Swap DCR against 25+ oth
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