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9:21 PM
The week in Korea was very successful, stay tuned! The Roadshow continues now to TOKYO! #DENT Co-Founder Andee cant
198 86
9:31 AM
DENT KOREA! #DENT Co-Founder Andee is meeting a total of 7 Korean Exchanges and several business partners in the
196 72
7:55 AM
#DENT, one of the most used #BLOCKCHAIN apps in the World just added CYPRUS and has a total of 4,3 Million Users! 1
185 89
5:23 PM
To continue the awesome "DENTDAY", the MVNOs North America Conference has started! Next 2 days busy meetings with T
147 52
11:25 AM
#DENT Co-Founder Andee Vollmer Live Video Presentation at @OKCoin meetup in SEOUL, KOREA: DENT Presentation starts
141 56
7:22 AM
Tonight in KOREA: #DENT Co-Founder Andee Vollmer will present at the @OKCoin meetup in SEOUL: "DENT -Real Life Adap
154 71
8:27 AM
Congrats to @BithumbOfficial for the launch of Bithumb DEX decentralized Exchange today with #DENT!
150 64
6:56 AM
#DENT, the most popular #Blockchain project for Telcos will be at the MVNOs North America in Miami, starting tomorr
143 70
2:28 PM
HALLO GERMANY! DENT, the #1 Telco #Blockchain project with over 4,2 Million users is now live in Germany with 10 op
291 122
9:07 AM
Tero and Ramon had a great meeting with the innovative #PLDT Singapore Management, thanks guys! DENT, the #1
158 63
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