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Volume: $910,538
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5:54 PM
Thanks ETHIO TELECOM @ethiotelecom_ for listing #DENT on your remittance partner site! Appr
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8:49 AM
#DENT team will be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week showing
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8:36 AM
#DENT is live in ETHIOPIA with @ethiotelecom_ , 39 Million Mobile Users! 148 Operators in 44 countries live on DENT
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1:36 PM
Next big thing from the #DENT Roadmap in this Quarter: Voice Calls and Trading of Voice Minutes! Check out the Road
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2:53 PM
We just released the #DENT 2019-2020 #ROADMAP! 40 Million Users til Q2 2020 as target! Check out the Roadmap here
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8:42 AM
#DENT 2019-2020 #ROADMAP Presentation + AMA on Telegram today 12. February 2019 at 12:00 UTC time! Kakao Talk Group
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11:45 AM
Whats next at #DENT, the fastest growing #Blockchain project with 11 Million Users? 2019-2020 #ROADMAP will be pu
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11:27 AM
The #DENT 2019-2020 #ROADMAP will be published on Tuesday, 12. February 2019 at 12:00 UTC time! Join our Telegram t
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1:33 PM
Hola MEXICO! #DENT #Exchange is now open for Mexico, welcome all traders to the world of Mobile Data Trading! Cr
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12:39 PM
Ol BRAZIL! #DENT #Exchange is now open for Brazil, welcome traders to the world of Mobile Data Trading! Just cr
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