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7:44 PM
Exchsnging opinions with fintech experts from Liechtenstein about AML and KYC procedures in blockchains with a long
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6:39 PM
RT @Fair_Coop: Next Monday we celebrate the 4th anniversary of FairCoop and the 10th anniversary of Enric Duran's action against the banks.
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11:46 AM
Our friends from have been nominated for their Social Wallet toolkit, which is also facilit
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6:19 AM
A new Android wallet version is available which fixes a crash on newer Android devices as well as a NFC issue. Plea
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9:28 AM
The Catalan Arbcies is world's first municipality accepting payments with #FairCoin for various services. Further
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8:22 AM
RT @Fair_Coop: is a collaborative map showing sites that accept #FairCoin in the world, shared vehicles, local #Fai
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6:03 AM
RT @EnricDuranG: One year later, the Faircoin blockchain runs stable on Proof of cooperation, needing only 20 normal or small computers to
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8:48 AM
Arbcies is world's first municipality promoting payment with #FairCoin in a pilot project.
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7:42 AM
Two more online platforms accepting payment in #FairCoin: a social marketplace of the Soc
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8:31 AM
AltCoin Transmission Newsletter Editor Anthony has portrayed FairCoop and FairCoin as a "system that allows its use
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