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Crypto Market Today

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26.3% -0.00009
Volume: $30

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7:11 PM
Have a happy Father's Day and Dragon Boat Festival today! Make sure to go out and enjoy your day. #Fortuna will be
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3:10 AM
#Blockchain is an extremely important weapon against the problems of opacity, indirectness, inefficiency, and high
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5:09 PM
We'd like to return the shout out to, @TheCryptoZombie, one of the most honest and active cryptocurrency YouTubers.
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2:59 AM
We are happy to officially launch ! The Fortuna Wiki displays a ton of resources and inform
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1:17 AM
Weekly News #17: "Blockchain is an extremely important weapon to the problems of opacity, indirectnessinefficienc
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1:09 AM
Over a third of all contracts issued this week have been sold! This seems to have been a great ROI for the bears th
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2:49 AM
We have officially counted our 50th full-time employee!!! Are you as excited as us!? #Fortuna #Blockchain
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1:45 AM
The vision of Fortuna is to create a fully distributed integrated financial group within ten years, including insur
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11:14 PM
We had previously signed a strategic partnership with #Hashgard. A lot of our community was unaware of this partner
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12:06 AM
A brief intro to the Compliance filter function by MurkyWaters. A rather quick read! #Fortuna #FOTA #Bitcoin
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