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Crypto Market Today

Galactrum (ORE) Price Today

5.2% +0.01123
Volume: $1,762
3d 5d 10d 1m 3m 6m 12m YTD Max
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7:15 PM
To keep up to date with our team and community, stop in our discord: Or Telegram:
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9:49 PM
Here is an update with what we're working on right now: -iphone/ipad mobile wallet -core update to the C++ code bas
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6:06 PM
2 weeks until the Galactrum DAO takes effect, allowing Democratic control through the Decentralized Autonomous Orga
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12:58 AM
The Galactrum Android Mobile Wallet is now available on the play store! #Galactrum $ORE
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6:46 PM
Only 5 hours~ until the Android Mobile Wallet App is available on the play store! Discord:
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8:03 PM
Galactrum's Android Mobile Wallet will be released in the play store tomorrow, Friday Aug 31 at 11:59 p.m. UTC (4:
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6:19 PM
Stop in Discord to chat with the community and development team: ORE is available for trad
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6:19 PM
We just hit our next milestone of 1,500 Masternodes online! With the Galactrum DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Orga
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10:25 PM
After many months of hard work and testing, our mobile wallet is ready for launch on the mainnet! Look for it in th
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3:47 AM
Galactrums Android Mobile Wallet will be released to the public very soon! Written in React Native, our mobile wal
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