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8:57 AM
RT @ETHBerlin: We just heard the word from Lama, the product manager for @gnosisPM Olympia: the People's Choice Awards market is the best p
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8:56 AM
Gnosis kicks off its late summer #retrETH @fullnode_berlin today! CTO @StefanDGeorge looks back at what weve achie
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8:48 AM
RT @StefanDGeorge: Our own @josojo3, @fleupold_ and Ben just released the specs for Plasma Snapp - fully verified plasma chain using ZKSnar
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12:30 PM
Could a prediction market reduce down time of the New York L-Train? Check out our latest prediction market case stu
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2:11 PM
New Yorks L-Train, a vital connection between Brooklyn & Manhattan, will soon be closed for repairs by the
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2:00 PM
If you're on Olympia, you just got a top up of 200 OLY tokens which you can use to trade on more markets. Make sure
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8:48 AM
Meet us & our friends from @KyberNetwork tomorrow in Seoul for a developer workshop! Gnosis CTO @StefanDGeorge will
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8:27 AM
RT @0xProject: Whether p2p, orderbook, auction, or automated market maker - what's important is that we create a tokenized world where all
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2:32 PM
The competition for People's Choice Award is fierce! This is how the prediction market graph for the highest scorin
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12:47 PM
Have you checked the best hacker projects at @ETHBerlin hackathon yet? Head over to and hel
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