Crypto Market Today
Crypto Market Today

Gnosis (GNO) Price Today

2.3% +4.53044
Volume: $4,685,060

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6:27 PM
RT @ntnsndr: Really interesting @keikreutler essay on "A Prehistory of DAOs," connecting to the cooperative tradition and much more: https:
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1:10 PM
RT @MEVprotection: CoW of the week! Within a single Batch, solvers traded internally on Gnosis Protocol v2 & externally in @Uniswap & @
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3:55 PM
RT @gnosisSafe: We're hiring a Sr. Product Manager! You'd join a global team building key infrastructure powering DeFi + DAOs, and steward
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3:36 PM
RT @MEVprotection: PRODUCT UPDATE - NEW RELEASE We are delighted to announce the release of a new revamped UI which will make for a mu
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4:34 PM
RT @mstable_: We have successfully deployed SafeSnap from @gnosisPM on our mStableDAO Safe multi-sig, which was used in our public governan
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8:45 AM
RT @tobyshorin: if you work at a company, a think tank, a political group, a cooperative, inside web 3 or out of it if you want to und
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12:41 PM
RT @gnosisSafe: We're hiring a Senior Frontend Engineer (React.js)! You'd join our growing international team moving forward the Gnosis Sa
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8:57 AM
RT @playoriginstory: @EthCC was filled with so much insight and steeped in community. Here's a recap of the final day in Paris including
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8:28 AM
RT @tw_tter: Read here why MEV is a systemic issue that NEEDS to be addressed natively by dapps. The status quo is simply not defensible fo
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8:15 AM
RT @CoinDesk: "In a system where miners or validators have all the power to reorganize transactions, batch auctions settlements can take aw
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