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3:01 PM
Would you like to know what the Golem team will be up to in Prague? Find all details in this blogpost, including
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10:01 AM
Hi #Web3Summit! Our CEO and Founder @julianzawist will be speaking on Wednesday at 16:30 on Studio 1.0 "Towards Dec
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1:36 PM
RT @mi_ayako: Excited to announce our Devcon IV sponsors and supporters. Big support from premier sponsors ! And this year we have Schola
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4:13 PM
Happy to host our #DEVCON4 party with @omise_go @streamr and help @wearekickback grow more! Their event management
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10:28 AM
Something Wicked This Way Comes (yes well celebrate Halloween at #Devcon4 but what comes is way better) - watch th
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6:04 PM
Congrats to the next wave of Ethereum grantees! Nice to see three Ethereum 2.0 projects funded, bright future ahead
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5:34 PM
Golem's CEO and Founder, @julianzawist will be speaking at @web3foundation's Web3 summit, looking forward! They've
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1:28 PM
RT @rootkovska: Ad 1. If we could ensure specific code of the cloud/apps services, we could audit them and make sure they e.g. don't let se
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1:28 PM
RT @rootkovska: I think the 3 fundamental problems with the Cloud are: 1. We don't control the CODE (service provider-owned apps might be
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1:05 PM
Next steps? we'll provide an SDK, open source the code, work on easy to read documentation and everything you need
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