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Crypto Market Today

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Volume: $5,143,769
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1:27 PM
RT @ethereumecf: #ETHIndia hacks recap! We are honored to support up-and-coming builders. Would you like us to see if we can help your proj
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1:23 PM
We are very much looking forward to Ethereum 2.0 and are thankful of all people working towards this - Golem can be
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10:18 PM
Congrats to this tireless buidler @avsa your universal logins project is ambitious yet down to earth, and solves re
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10:12 PM
Hey! don't think we forgot about this! we're still looking for our dream community manager - with arms wide open, a
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8:32 AM
On SGX Recent news: the team has been made aware of the current vulnerability. We will inform our community accordi
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11:23 AM
Our office neighbors are really about to make some waves. Congrats to @hoardexchange for their first tech update: S
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6:52 AM
Once again, a big thank you to @evan_van_ness for featuring our roadmap in the always insightful #WeekinEthereum :)
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9:24 PM
Local actions matter: happy to have witnessed the birth of Blockchain Hub Warsaw and wishing the initiative all the
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3:18 PM
ETHBerlin's ever-growing concept is at the same time growing on us... happy to sponsor this event, contribute furth
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3:13 PM
Wait! Week in Golem (sorry @evan_van_ness ;) ) is not over! today we are moving to our new office, shared with
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