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12:54 PM
Heatwallet 4.10 is available, now with long awaited feature: Private encrypted off-chain file transfer. Windows and
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2:00 PM
Heatwallet 4.0 client + server public release is finally out! Serve yourself some private assets from
19 9
11:12 PM
The HEAT coin is now trading on the exchange against BTC, EUR and USD. Happy trading!
13 6
7:08 AM
RT @mdudas: A great look for crypto! "TRON founder @justinsuntron has been restricted from leaving the country by the Chinese government,
0 60
8:25 AM
Yep! You can get to know us for a chance to get your $50 but most importantly keep HEAT under your radar
3 1
8:27 AM
Minor wallet update 3.0.1 Heat wallet 3.0.1 Contains heat server 3.0.0 Minor updates next to release 3.0.0. Find a
6 3
6:45 AM
RT @CharlieShrem: I have to say I'm so impressed with the level of knowledge of crypto from US Congressman and Congresswomen. They understa
0 680
1:01 PM
When HEAT launched its v3 blockchain a few days ago, our CTO wrote an article on what it meant for the adoption of
5 2
12:45 PM
Our CTO has been keeping himself busy with coding.... and with interesting interviews! Check out the latest on HEAT
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7:58 PM
That was a fun interview @cryptomocho! Thanks for the interest back on HEAT and a chance to share the huge mileston
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OpenLedger DEX
Heat Wallet
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