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Crypto Market Today

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Volume: $11,189,850
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12:45 AM
RT @webloc_io: To participate in the 1st stage of pre-TGE with #ICONex - Set "Step Limit" as 1,000,000 - Check #SmartContract Address on My
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10:12 AM
RT @webloc_io: Team #weBloc brought good news today! we introduce the first #PoC of weBloc, #weCon! weCon is advertising platform; the comb
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9:55 AM
RT @markusjayvc: Proud to announce @Deblockvc's Transparency Initiative with @webloc_io as our 1st project to comply. Bringing transparenc
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11:17 AM
More than 500 developers and blockchain professionals came to the LINE dev event, a strategic partner of #ICON. Tha
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3:18 AM
For the token swap specifically, the official token swap has ended on October 25th 13:00 (KST). Requests made after
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3:16 AM
Please send us an e-mail ( or use 'Send a Message' at the bottom of the ICON Foundation homep
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10:58 PM
RT @2infiniti: ICON Workshop - ICONex Web Connect Connect your ICONex on a website & make contract calls + ICX transfers This makes o
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10:00 AM
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist [ICON Project] Ask Me Anything #2
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3:10 AM
#ICON, as a strategic partner of #LINE, will join 'LINE+LINK-DEV 2018'. Hongkyu Lee, the CEO of #Unchain, the JV co
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1:59 AM
RT @2infiniti: #HODL worked for 2017, but today only #BUIDL will bring real projects on top We need to buidl the ICON dev network, a knowl
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