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Iconomi (ICN) Price Today

2.6% -0.01668
Volume: $335,915
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2:03 PM
The HIX #DAA has just been tokenized! Though HIX has less than $1 mio AUM, because of their unique idea, we decided
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2:19 PM
Yesterday, @janez_178, #ICONOMI Head of Legal, attended the @CoinAgenda Europe event in Malta, where he discussed m
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3:02 PM
Welcome to the first #ICONOMI Digest. This update series is a continuation of our Weekly Update series and will be
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2:12 PM
Expanding to India! Incrypt (IFI) is the first Indian #DAA, focusing on strong protocols and infrastructure project
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5:58 PM
The community has decided: our biweekly updates will be called "The ICONOMI Digest", starting tomorrow. Thank you f
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2:31 PM
We have added a new #DAA manager page to the #ICONOMI dashboard where you can find out more about your favorite man
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12:32 PM
Vote for the new name of our community updates! We chose two suggestions from our community and added two of our ow
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2:43 PM
Now that our community updates will be published on a biweekly basis, they need a new name. Comment your suggestion
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8:08 AM
Something for our Spanish-speaking followers: an interview with our #DAA manager @especulacion. / Algo para nuestro
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2:03 PM
Want to learn more about the best #cryptocurrency trading strategies in Q2? Read the full interview with our top 3
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