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Crypto Market Today

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) Price Today

9.2% -0.04546
Volume: $852,521

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6:33 PM
RT @safenetworktech: This week we continue to provide an overview on DBCs & share progress towards Fleming! Checkout the latest Dev Update
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11:49 AM
Follow @safenetworktech to see how were building the #SafeNetwork to withstand #security failings like the attack
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5:34 PM
RT @safepress: "To date, no deployed cryptocurrency[1] has incorporated decentralised DBC mints that we are aware of, so this is a novel de
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5:34 PM
RT @safenetworktech: This weeks update provides more insight into how distributed/sharded mints impact DBCs & #privacy. Read about it & ch
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11:43 AM
Always great when @safenetworktech community members take a peak under the hood at whats coming next! $maid
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5:18 PM
RT @safenetworktech: Here are the latest developments with updates on what the team has been working on + a continued deep-dive into DBCs:
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12:10 AM
Curious about how the economy on @safenetworktech will run? Read about it in this weeks Dev update here:
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2:08 AM
RT @safenetworktech: The latest #dev update highlights the results of our recent #UX research! Checkout the details here:
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11:14 PM
RT @safenetworktech: We continue to progress towards Flemingthe next phase of the #SafeNetwork! Read up on the latest developments here: h
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5:32 PM
RT @safenetworktech: This weeks update shares a sudden & unexpected loss to the @maidsafe team. As our team member would have wished, we c
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