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MaidSafeCoin (MAID) Price Today

2.1% -0.00637
Volume: $2,428

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5:48 PM
RT @safenetworktech: Lots of refreshes are comingfrom a fresh set of white papers to spruced up websites! Read all about it & the latest d
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4:03 PM
Conversion to ERC20 is not required. You can keep your Omni MAID. This is a community driven effort to open up acce
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3:45 PM
The #ERC20 version of $MAID is coming soon! Heres how you can join the @safenetworktech Community in the Beta Laun
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11:57 PM
RT @SotRos25: Very excited to report that the pilot test to convert @maidsafe coin to #ERC20 tokens has successfully been completed! We're
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8:53 PM
RT @safenetworktech: Here's this week's dev update covering recent progress! Highlights include news on establishing the governing foundati
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3:01 PM
Weve got a new playground set up on @safenetworktech!! Heres how you can join:
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5:50 PM
RT @safenetworktech: Lots of exciting news in this weeks dev update on #Governance, incorporating a Foundation in Switzerland, successful
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5:11 PM
RT @safenetworktech: Things are heating up with nearly weekly community testnets & playgrounds! This weeks dev update covers how you can j
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2:49 PM
RT @safenetworktech: Checkout the latest dev update for an overview on current progress & insights on The #Web3 We Weave: Building an #Inte
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2:19 AM
RT @safenetworktech: Heres the latest & greatest from the @maidsafe team! Checkout the dev update here: #Crypto #d
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