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Crypto Market Today

Melon (MLN) Price Today

2.9% -1.11773
Volume: $6,731,566

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11:23 AM
RT @MAMA_global: Upcoming meetup in #Zurich: @john0x_ will be speaking about #assetmanagement on the #blockchain. #smartcontracts #digitala
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5:26 AM
RT @evan_van_ness: More clicked * @tayvano_ usability/security tradeoffs * @SpankChain 2019 roadmap * goodbye @melonport, hello world * @f
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11:15 AM
RT @SettleFinance: Exciting! @melonport have shown the world how we can #buidl a new transparent financial system. Goodbye Melonport, hello
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9:09 AM
RT @keldster: @melonport Kudos to Melon - the 'OG' crypto and best crypto team. Always ahead of schedule and delivering fizzing UX and serv
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2:19 PM
Goodbye Melonport, hello world! The problem we set out to tackle, the vision, what we have achieved in two years wi
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10:38 AM
RT @crypto_ninjas: | Blockchain asset management protocol @MelonPort launches bug bounty $MLN
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6:38 AM
The first application to the Melon Council for MLNs has been made ! We are pleased to see this and can't wait to pl
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4:45 AM
RT @jennaszenk: 247,000 DAI reward pool for the Melon Bug Bounty Program!
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6:21 PM
Announcement! The Melon Council has launched an ongoing bug bounty program in an effort to discover security vuln
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8:50 AM
Melonport featured in @handelszeitung as v1.0 of Melon protocol is released and handed over to the Melon Council. T
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