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Crypto Market Today

Mercury (MER) Price Today

15.6% -0.01206
Volume: $752,926
3d 5d 10d 1m 3m 6m 12m YTD Max
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RT @darcrus: Are you ready for encrypted group chat over the blockchain? #metis is almost here and we think you're going to love it! $DAR
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Waves Sets Record for Maximum Transactions Per Day! $DAR $MER @sigwo @darcrus @wavesplatform #crypto #blockchain
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We've reached 2,000 @telegram users! Join us for the decentralized revolution! $DAR $MER @sigwo #crypto #blockchain
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RT @darcrus: Have you liked us on facebook yet? Spread the love for Darcrus by sharing our official channels with your friends! https://t.c
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RT @darcrus: Testing for #metis continues. Encrypted group chat over the #blockchain is right around the corner! $MER $DAR $WAVES @mercuryt
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Vote for MER to be listed on @Buzzexio and vote for free at $MER $DAR @sigwo @darcrus #crypto #exchange
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RT @darcrus: Turns out $MER is still the number 1 asset on the @wavesplatform blockchain, by almost 3x! We're making the next generation of
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Metis is just around the corner! Looking for encrypted group chat? We're building a use case for #Gravity and it's
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RT @darcrus: Metis encrypts your chats and group messages to provide an end to end solution for maintaining your privacy and integrity onli
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RT @darcrus: Are you looking for a way to build the next generation of #dapps? Try out our #Gravity platform, the easiest way to incorporat
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