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13.8% +0.26042
Volume: $14,420,679
3d 5d 10d 1m 3m 6m 12m YTD Max
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4:00 AM
Testnet Announcement: Nebulas has recently released a new software upgrade for the testnet. Community members who w
53 19
6:05 AM
#Nebulas testnet code upgrade: To continuously improve testnet environment, Nebulas tech team has recently upgraded
68 19
8:28 PM
Hey developers, have you ever needed a contract to contract call in you DApp? Well, now the #Nebulas testnet suppor
58 19
4:25 PM
Nebulas welcomes esteemed Dr. Chen to lead Research and Development of the Nebulas mainnet. Read Dr. Chen's intervi
67 18
12:13 AM
#Nebulas Inter-contract Function AMA: With the announcement of Nebulas Inter-contract Function entering open public
43 13
5:03 PM
The #Nebulas inter-contract call feature has entered open public beta on the testnet. This feature allows developer
62 21
10:38 PM
Coindesk recently reviewed Nebulas decision for an updated token distribution schedule. Due to true dedication for
70 21
6:03 PM
Weekly Report 41 Released: While #Nebulas shows long term dedication by announcing their distribution update, the N
39 11
3:47 PM
Interview with a blockchain pioneer: #Nebulas founder and CEO Hitters Xu was recently interviewed about his persona
46 6
5:44 PM
Announcement for iOS NAS Nano Users: Due to a policy change on the AppStore, Nas Nano has been temporarily removed
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