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2:22 PM
Enjoy @colinjcantrell 's latest interview! $NXS #blockchain #newspacerace
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11:29 AM
RT @NexusEmbassyUK: Blockchain, AI and Space technology will be the future innovations defining the next 100 years comments @NemerAlex, w
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5:51 PM
By creating this satellite infrastructure, were creating an economic incentive for people to be able to collabora
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2:33 PM
RT @NexusEmbassyUK: @colinjcantrell discussing the current problems and potential solutions for the existing internet models, live at the @
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12:09 PM
RT @BitSpaceNetwork: Cryptofinance 2018 Main Event has now opened! Be sure to register if you haven't. Livestream starts 11:00 am. Enjo
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11:31 PM
The #Nexus Earth November Newsletter is out! The team focused on outreach, education, and Embassy restructuring las
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6:37 PM
Our partner @BitSpaceNetwork is hosting the #CryptoFinance2018 Conference in Oslo, #Norway this weekend. If youre
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1:26 AM
Another educational call with @dinofarinacci about #LISP and #Nexus combining technology for better user connectivi
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7:50 PM
In just a few hours, we are continuing our journey in learning about the network protocol that helps the internet (
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6:52 PM
RE: #hashwars Let us not forget our roots. @colinjcantrell reminds us to look forward: "What is our vision?"
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