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7:09 AM
Welcome to the OmiseGO team @denniskeller! We're happy to have you on board.
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6:05 AM
OmiseGO is going to the Binance Fair in Singapore to talk industry trends in security and privacy to build a Safe A
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5:07 AM
In an effort towards greater transparency with our community, we are sharing OmiseGO's Ethereum address in WBTC as
316 65
10:53 AM
In our latest community update, we take a look back at 2018 before we head into the new year:
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3:05 PM
Before you go on holiday, we just want to remind you: WERE HIRING! If youre passionate about enabling people to a
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2:44 PM
Here's an update on GiveDirectly's findings from the field and what it means for #OmiseGO P
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1:59 AM
OmiseGO is now on @blockfolio Signal Beta. Watch #OMG to get the latest news and updates from our team. Thank you
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10:16 AM
Our Community Update (recap) for November 2018 is out: And don't forget to subscribe to our
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6:10 AM
RT @beyondblocks_: The one & only keynote @ #BBBKK2018 w/ @davidlknott, Plasma Researcher @omise_go. I find it very unlikely that one blo
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4:33 AM
The inimitable David does it again. He gave an awesome talk on #plasma - what it is, its current status and its key
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