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7:16 AM
Exciting announcement! POWR is now supported by @Coinbase Custody for deposits and withdrawals. Providing a highly
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8:50 AM
Some companies are still managing RECs with spreadsheets. Yet there is a much better way, which brings transparency
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9:56 AM
Everything has changed, including energy. In her latest piece for @Forbes, @msjemmagreenexamines the impacts that
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7:14 AM
Is remote work here to stay? At Powerledger we say yes, would you like to join us?
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9:12 AM
What is cryptocurrency and where is it heading? @Anya_Nova from Powerledger's Blockchain Development & Staking Ops
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7:00 AM
Join Powerledger and other industry leaders at @EnlitAustralia as we showcase local energy markets - the future for
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5:08 AM
RT @Austrade: Powerledger has developed the s first renewable energy #blockchain trading platform. Its software allows consumers & produc
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8:50 AM
"Local Energy Markets: What the devil use are they?" Dr Vivek Bhandari, Powerledger's Head of Market Optimisation,
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6:05 AM
Join Powerledger at the @wsaoffice Global Congress, as we compete against other companies to be recognized globally
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6:15 AM
What can we learn from places like Nepal about demand response and microgrids? Powerledger's Head of Market Optimis
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