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Volume: $57
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12:37 PM
Quiet week with few trades on minor volume ranged from 22-25. Sell/Buy ratio steady near 13:1 as @StakeMiners wait
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11:59 AM
Choppy 7 days of trading on light volume, with the price range 25-33. The Sell/Buy ratio has risen from 13:1 to 15:
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7:40 PM
The complete @RateCoinXRA stake information sheet is available on @Cryptopia_NZ forum at: @StakeMiners
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7:37 PM
Optimum Stake Block Size: Staking 400,000 coins is inefficient unless you are locking them for a long period of tim
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7:36 PM
Lock Blocks: You have the option to lock blocks of coins which you can then hold for longer periods of time to earn
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7:34 PM
Stake Rates: 2/2 For example if you held 400,000 coins the stake rates would produce 10.98 coins for a 2 day stake.
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7:33 PM
Stake Information. Stake Rates: RateCoin does not have a daily stake rate but yearly stake rate. This means you can
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9:16 PM
Over the last 24h a buyer stepped in for the 30-33 Sells, bringing the price to 34. The Sell/Buy ratio remains o
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11:43 PM
Yes another pretty quiet week of trading and although the volume picked up on Friday the price never really got mov
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1:26 PM
We opens much as it ended. Buy wall at 0.73 BTC and the Sell/Buy ratio 11:1. @StakeMiners has the solar panel inst
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