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10:00 PM
In last week's #communitydebrief, we received updates on the incentivized #testnet. Philip will be organizing the c
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8:00 PM
Our community #RNode testing sessions are open events. If you want to build #dApps that run on the #RChain platform
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6:00 PM
This is the official page for the RHOC to REV token swap. Bookmark this page now to avoid future phishing attempts:
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4:00 PM
Can't make it to #Seattle for the @ReflectiveVP #DealDay? We've got you covered! Tune into the livestream on July 2
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2:00 PM
In #RNode v0.5.1, the #RSpace has been enhanced to include execution traces, which are included in the block data s
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12:00 PM
Join us as we launch the RChain #testnet at #RCON3 by participating in an on-site testnet #keysigning party! This w
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1:00 AM
Jump onboard for the #FlightToMercury! #RCON3 #testnet #mainnet #blockchain #RNode
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11:00 PM
From the last debrief, we learned that @Hacker0x01 will do pen-tests on the nodes and the entire network at #RCON3.
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9:00 PM
The #RChain architecture derives from the Reflective Higher Order -Calculus, enabling #Rholang processes to reduce
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9/3/2018Testnet Launch
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