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5:31 PM
RT @ethnimbus: Announcing the Nimbus dashboard challenge. We are proposing to leverage the creativity within the Ethereum community to hel
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4:04 PM
You got Status to its all time high of active users. So we're giving back, by putting 2000 DAI in the hands of our
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3:31 PM
Help up test the latest Status Desktop Beta! Lots of bug fixes, features, and UX improvements to push for a more
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3:38 PM
Announcing Status v1.10! - Profile pictures in chats (finally!) - Access your favorite dapps with a single tap -
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5:11 PM
RT @CryptoUnknown: Disrupt [Decentralization x Meetup] : Thursday, Jan. 21 @ 17:00PM CET : Censorship & Crypto :
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6:16 PM
2021 will be a great year for Status, so be sure to take a look at our 71st Town Hall to keep up with everything we
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4:34 PM
Hey all, you don't need a phone number to securely communicate with Status. That's it. That's the tweet.
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4:07 PM
Privacy that you can prove. Every bit of Status' clients, nodes, and protocols are completely open source, and free
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4:52 PM
Since the WhatsApp privacy scandal, we've seen a sharp spike in the number of unique peers within the Status Networ
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4:16 PM
Every year, Ethereum continues to grow and expand, learning at every step of the way. Help us push this forward and
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