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Crypto Market Today

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RT @ankegbaas: Tonight at 8 PM EST, join @tyvdh and I for a workshop for the @hackthene: Beyond hackathon and get all the tools you need to
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5:15 PM
There's many more open roles at SDF! Check them all out here:
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5:11 PM
We're looking for an experienced, hands-on engineer to design, build, and implement solutions for Stellar ecosystem
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6:58 PM
We're going live now for the first Open Protocol Discussion of 2021. Join us for a technical livestream discussion
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8:11 PM
Congratulations to Vonovia, Bitbond and firstwire on issuing the VN1, a 20M digital bond on Stellar! We look forw
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3:54 PM
The first Open Protocol Discussion of 2021 is tomorrow! Join us for a livestream discussion on the upcoming changes
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9:17 PM
You're invited to SDF's Quarterly Review! Join us on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 9:00am PT for a presentation o
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4:45 PM
RT @samconnerone: Explore the Stellar Ecosystem w/@jricetweets! What are they building? Destroy Myth-Understandings of the Network! Plus he
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10:39 PM
The #Stellar Monthly Newsletter for January 2021 is here! Catch up on the latest news, releases, and initiatives fr
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10:00 PM
We're excited to be a part of "Hack the Northeast: Beyond". On January 15, join @tyvdh & @ankegbaas for an introduc
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