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Swisscoin (SIC) Price Today

35.9% -0.00002
Volume: $4,094
3d 5d 10d 1m 3m 6m 12m YTD Max
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8:13 PM
RT @CoinExchangeio: Were coming back online at!! The DNS is still propagating in some areas, please be patient. It wont
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3:25 PM
Temporary @CoinExchangeio now online at . Happy Trading everybody! Thanks to the people of
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2:20 PM
RT @CoinExchangeio: We are about to go down for maintenance to switch over to our temporary alternative domain. We will update Twitter
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8:57 AM
Some may not be able to access @CoinExchangeio . They are working hard to get domain back in order. No Hack or issu
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5:59 PM
Due to Spam Mails @CoinExchangeio is currently facing some problems with their registrar and therefore domain could
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4:03 PM
Our SWC Coin is today the 7th best performing Coin on @CoinExchangeio in terms of trading Volume in the BTCmarket.
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4:03 PM
Pls Note Swisscoin only sending official Newsletter. We are not sending Ads under third party names to promote our
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9:54 PM
Dont miss your Chance and get your Swisscoin now on @CoinExchangeio . Coinmarketcap put SIC recently back to activ
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7:58 PM
RT @CoinExchangeio: @bekir_bilge @Mr_Kartrud The SIC blockchain was rolled back to the 23rd of November. Any SIC purchases after this time
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2:58 PM
RT @Mr_Kartrud: The SIC and SWC markets are live! Thank you for your patience while this was resolved, let's get these coins to the moon.
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