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Trident Group (TRDT) Price Today

12.6% -0.01458
Volume: $89
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3:13 AM
We are pleased to announce that we are now listed on Blockfolio! Stay tuned, more project updates to come! $TRDT
20 17
3:48 AM
#Lottery distribution for the select few winners has begun! 50 talented winners will receive their respective rewar
17 8
10:13 PM
The results of the Trident Lottery are in! Our top prize winner of 1000 TRDT is #232, Inkarias! The rest of the 50
23 15
6:29 PM
The Trident Lottery sign-up has closed, and the first 250 eligible entrants are listed in the finalized spreadsheet
29 16
12:59 AM
To celebrate our listing on CoinExchange, we are holding a Trident Lottery! The first 250 eligible entrants with at
403 420
8:33 PM
The wait is over! We are extremely excited to announce that $TRDT is officially listed on
81 73
4:07 PM
@CoinExchangeio The Trident team, and more importantly the entire Trident community, is patiently awaiting the list
77 78
12:01 AM
We are extremely excited to announce that a premium 4 BTC fee has been paid for $TRDT to be listed on
120 69
12:18 AM
Distribution for Phase 3 of the Trident Airdrop has begun! All eligible applicants holding AT LEAST 100 TRDT will r
63 43
6:34 AM
Anyone with questions or concerns regarding eligibility in the Trident Airdrop please PM us at our BitcoinTalk link
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