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Crypto Market Today

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#ICYMI Check out this awesome post by marketing member @thatmanonthe Four months later, this post is still very
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RT @vertbase: @Cointelegraph @Vertcoin is one of 16% of total crypto assets that is decentralized. Run by a foundation with the core values
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RT @vertbase: We support @Vertcoin because it was never an ICO, premine, or airdrop. The only thing Vertbase will ever airdrop are these pu
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RT @Flakfired: Please upgrade your #vertcoin core wallet and P2Pool to the latest version if you use them. #Security #VTC #Crypto https://t
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RT @vertbase: Buy and sell Vertcoin with the US Dollar using @vertbase. #VertbaseLaunch #Vertcoin #VTC $vtc #cryptocurrency #blockchain ht
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RT @vertbase: You don't need to purchase BTC to purchase VTC. US Dollar to Vertcoin ($vtc) pairing on @vertbase allows you to buy VTC in un
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Merchant Monday - Trader's edition I want to highlight two existing merchants this week @LearnCryptoShow offers t
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RT @vertbase: Are you looking for an invite to the Vertbase public beta? #VertbaseLaunch #vertcoin #vtc $vtc @Vertcoin
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RT @gertjaap: Excited to be participating in the Lightning Developer Summit in Adelaide early November together with key players working on
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Off The Chain, the TLDR highlights from previous Vertcoin Talks! Ben and Canen talk about Gert's Discreet Log Co
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