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2:26 PM
On the 18th of July, 8 to 9 PM Singapore time, we'll host our first 'Office Hours' bi-monthly Q&A session with the
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4:01 AM
Join the relief initiative to aid the victims of the deadly floods and landslides in Japan. We will match the amoun
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8:12 AM
Weekly Update 22 is now live! Find it here: $WaBi #crypto #blockchain #tech #update
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12:00 PM
Another Weekly Update is headed your way tomorrow! Missed last week's #news? Walimai partnered with OneZone, a majo
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3:55 AM
Sometimes business trips are smooth sailing. And sometimes you're on your way to Chongqing for expansion negotiatio
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3:30 AM
Cities like Quanzhou are likely to fall victim to #counterfeit products. This is why tier-3/4 cities are most in ne
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4:05 AM
We're very excited about our partnerships with Network Foods Australia & OneZone Communications, and for good reaso
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12:21 AM
Online-only is not an option for infant formula. This is why we're working on expanding Walimai kiosks in stores th
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2:56 AM
Joining the official $WaBi Telegram group allows you to talk directly to the team and thousands of supporters. Talk
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9:30 PM
Walimai is partnering with OneZone, a major New Zealand telecommunications service provider, for a series of produc
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7/18/2018WaBi Community AMA

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