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4.4% -0.19795
Volume: $20,888,500
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1:02 PM
"On the Origin ofWaves. A look at how Waves could challenge todays dominant platform, Ethereum":
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9:02 AM
Heres another quick review of #Waves #SmartContracts on Testnet: Several more weeks and w
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1:33 PM
Dont forget we recently had a great Q&A session with Alexey Kofman, Product Manager of Waves Node. Missed it? No w
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11:05 AM
#Blockchain-based social media and messaging: Telegram, Cisco, HTC, and other companies are going to take over this
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10:23 AM
450 transfers per second! And thats still quite far from the limit for Waves-NG #WavesPlatform #Blockchain
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8:41 AM
Look for this amazing guy if you want to contact #WavesPlatform Team on @TheNextWeb conference! #Crypto
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1:42 AM
Since theres a Russian name, why dont you use Russian tech for that? We here in #WavesPlatform have the the faste
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6:40 PM
RT @TheWavesGuy: Sleep well my friends.. @wavesplatform @tehMoonwalker #WavesPlatform #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain $WAVES #Fintech #Crypto #
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4:02 PM
This is what happens when Waves Ambassador decides to run a bar. Our Ambassador Imad Erraissthe and his team establ
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2:42 PM
We've just released #Waves TestNet 0.13.0: So, what we have there: Fair PoS DataTransa
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