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Volume: $379
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1:12 AM
#WeAreSatoshi Stakeholders, the team would like to apologize for the recent wallet issues. The issue has been corre
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3:34 AM
We are less than 100 blocks away from block 802,000. Please remember to download our MANDATORY wallet. This is requ
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8:01 PM
MANDATORY Wallet update for $WSX. Windows wallet is here! Coins on Cryptopia will be safe. Any users with personal
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3:29 PM
We're pleased to announce that the $WSX economic fork is ready to launch and set to block 802000 moving us from hyb
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4:38 PM
Visit our Github for updated source code: Coins kept on Cryptopia exchange will be safe du
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4:33 PM
New wallet for Linux is now available. Find link below. Windows wallet will follow shortly. After the economic for
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3:48 PM
RT @_zpool_: We've just added $WSX @WeAreSatoshi the #x11 port on #zpool #multipool #yaamp #bitcoin #litecoin #a
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3:48 PM
RT @coindar_: WeAreSatoshi became one of the most progressive cryptocurrencies, by opening their branch on Now
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8:37 PM
Starting on block 800,000 $WSX will have 15% staking rewards and a newly formed development fund as part of the eco
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1:02 PM
Social media followings are slowly growing. Do your part by spreading the word of our network relaunch! Our team me
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