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Volume: $170,771,787
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3:48 PM
Approaching a new Zcash milestone! Current block height: 499,790. Watch in real-time at:
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12:39 AM
"Researchers at eToro published a report concluding Zcash offers the Highest Privacy."
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8:01 PM
Did you know that Zcashs shielded transactions let you exchange value without revealing your private financial inf
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7:48 PM
RT @ZcashFoundation: Big news for your Friday afternoon our new platform for grants and community funding is live on the Zcash testnet!
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3:30 PM
"By using the power of the blockchain and zero knowledge proofs, #Zcash brings personal privacy to online transacti
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1:31 PM
"Zcash is leading this charge by reinventing the way people think about privacy coins." @eToro just released their
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11:22 AM
Weekly update (Engineering): - Draft ZIPs for NU3 due by March 31st - Blossom spec auditing - continued implementat
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11:11 PM
RT @Globalcoinrsrch: Global Coin Research is delighted to co-organize the Singapore Zcash Meetup on March 28th featuring Founder @zooko and
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5:25 PM
In less than two weeks, @geffenz presents at the Bay Area Zcash Users meetup. Don't miss this chance to learn about
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4:47 PM
Is social income a thought experiment? Join @zooko next week at #RadicalxChange as he takes the stage to explore th
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