Crypto Market Today
Crypto Market Today

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Today

7.8% -0.00608
Volume: $61,551,200

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RT @zilliqazebra: Zilliqa Zebra News Digest #15 - (28 Sep 2021) #Zilliqa #ZIL @XcademyOfficial @xcadcommunity @Zi
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4:55 AM
"#DeFi has encouraged a new breed of collaboration one that will enable the space to build across the boundaries
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2:21 AM
Think your @bearmarketnft looks rare? Check it out now on @RaritySniperNFT's discord now! Post some of your rare
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10:37 PM
RT @ZilliqaObserver: How does a Zilliqa Weekly Update with Amrit Kumar sound? Good? Great! Here's the first episode featuring @maqstik a
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8:56 PM
RT @TheUFHL: A major @UFFSports #FantasyHockey franchise ownership opportunity will be announced at 7pm EST today! This will be a pleasan
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7:07 PM
RT @XcademyOfficial: The 4th Creator Announcement of the Day! Up and coming YouTuber @itsjoshuamiles who has 178,000 subscribers will be c
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6:32 PM
RT @RaritySniperNFT: The @bearmarketnft rarity ranking is ready! The years 2150 and 1,111 Menacing Punks didn't survive. This is them.
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5:50 PM
RT @XcademyOfficial: The biggest YouTuber releasing a Creator Token on $XCAD so far has 11.7m Subs An even BIGGER one will be announced s
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4:26 PM
RT @DrDeathCultClub: Episode 20 - A Change in Perspective A life of lacklustre and lament for those limited by our law, full of lachrymosi
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4:03 PM
RT @HouseofChimera: House of Chimera is delighted to announce a research partnership with @Okimoto_Dex! Okipad is a disruptive launchpad
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